Top 7 Ways To Speedup Your Wi-Fi


Laptops and Wi-Fi devices contributed most to our ease to use technology, not at a specific spot but wherever we liked, inside or outside our homes and offices. The ability to use the internet via Wi-Fi sitting anywhere you like has its own charm. But, at the same time, this technique could be so frustrating sometimes when Wi-Fi router isn’t providing proper signals or if there is any other problem. If you are facing the same problems like bad reception of signals, slow speeds, or other Wi-Fi issues, then here is a list of 7 ways which you can use to increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.

  1. Using Latest Wi-Fi Technologies

One of many ways to ascertain that your network is fast and at the same time consistently reliable is to make sure that you are using the latest hardware technology. There are different types of routers available like wireless A, B and G. All these have gone too old to work compatibly with the modern day’s technologies. The new routers like wireless N or even the latest wireless AC will give you the fastest speed possible. If you are looking for some discount on the latest and technologically advanced Wi-Fi routers, you can explore it and many other products on Groupon.

You must also keep in mind that in order to get the fullest speed along with using wireless N router, you will also have to use wireless N card on your computer.

  1. Finding Perfect Spot for Your Router

Hardware once updated, finding the perfect spot for your router is also important. It is possible that the router you purchase can be ugly but it doesn’t mean at all that you should hide your router behind the cupboard or TV cabinet. You must place your router out in the open so that it doesn’t have to face any obstructions or immediate boundary of walls. You must point the antennas of your router perpendicularly, and it is even better that you find a place for your router that is little heightened or elevated.

Many people find that the perfect spot for their router is the attic. It is also important that you place your router in the center of your house so that it covers all the areas of your house equally.

  1. Finding the Right Wireless Channel

You are not the only one who is using Wi-Fi router; your neighbors must also be using it. It is possible then that the other routers may cause interference with your router and consequently degrade the strength of your router’s signal. You must keep in mind that wireless routers work on a number of different channels and you must choose that channel that has as little interference as possible.

You can use different software to recognize which channel has the least interference and then set your router to that channel. Wi-Fi Stumbler and Wi-Fi Analyzer are two good softwares which you can use for this purpose.

  1. Thwart Wi-Fi Thieves with Better Security

It is better to protect your Wi-Fi with a strong password so that no one other than you gets to use your Wi-Fi. But what if hackers hack your password – and which is quite easy by the way – then what are you going to do about it? Well, setting a password to your Wi-Fi is a good measure to maintain security, but it’s not the only one. You can use many other techniques to increase the security of your Wi-Fi.

The other ways to protect your Wi-Fi can be like you can hide your Wi-Fi so that nobody is able to see whether your Wi-Fi exists or not. In the same way, you can limit the amount of users who are connected to your Wi-Fi depending on the amount of gadgets you have in your house which require an internet connection.

  1. Control Bandwidth-Hogging Applications

If a person in your house plays video games regularly or video chats on social media services or perform other activities like downloading torrent files, watching TV series on Netflix, then it is possible he is hogging bandwidth and causing speed lags for others. There is also some solution for this which you can call QOS – short for Quality of Service.

By using this feature, you can prioritize different applications depending on their usage. For instance, you can prioritize video chats over video gaming and in this way give applications the bandwidth which they actually deserve.

  1. Increase Your Wi-Fi Range with DIY Tricks

If the signal range of your Wi-Fi is still not sufficient enough after placing it in the proper place, you can use different tricks to increase the range of your Wi-Fi. The one among them is Tin foil hack; you can also use things like a beer can or cooking strainer, the things which are conveniently available. The result won’t be watershed, but still, you will see a difference.

Another way to increase the signal range is by installing DD-WRT firmware. It will give you many security enhancements as well as other features. It also gives you the option to boost the transmitting power of your router. Sometimes it can be dangerous to your router, but many routers can easily increase the number of signals up to 70mW. This way you will be able to access your Wi-Fi from much farther away.

  1. Set Your Router to Reboot on a Schedule

If you are among the persons who regularly need to reboot their routers for performance issues, then there is a solution for that. You will have to run few tests first in order to ascertain whether your router gets heated by excessive downloading or old firmware; if this is the case then you can set a scheduled rebooting by using the same application mentioned above – DD-WRT.

By doing this you won’t have to reboot your router again and again manually, it will be done automatically.

When you are done using all these things, you will notice that you Wi-Fi will work more effectively and consistently. Not only it will increase the performance of your router, it will also add further security to your Wi-Fi – the techniques of hiding the identity of your Wi-Fi or limiting the users. (Lisa)

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